Identity V: The Game Keeper Vs The Whole Hospital ?? (第五人格)

🔸Identity V, Identity 5, 第五人格 Gameplay
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Intro: Veorra & The Tech Thieves – Ghost Town
Outro: Abstract – I Wrote You A Letter (Prod. Blulake)
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  1. Gia Khang より:

    Bạn chơi nhân vật xuyên tường ik nha ko phải hunter

  2. Iman Chi-chan より:

    I use this killer when there is a free trial character… and i’m using persona (detention) 1 hit, 1 down when the gate is open.. this killer is very good at chasing survivor who want to vault, very usefull skill but very short range when hitting survivor, u have to very close.


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